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Few communities understand the importance of job growth and workforce training better than Punta Gorda and Charlotte County. Punta Gorda businesses can access hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants that help growing companies hire and train new employees. In the heart of Punta Gorda is Florida Southwestern State College, home to the area’s Quick Response Training program, which is funded by the Florida Economic

Development Office that helps business increase productivity and profitability.

Punta Gorda offers an available workforce of approximately 200,000 within a 20-minute commute. Featuring labor costs lower than the national average, Punta Gorda is ideally positioned to provide any business with the workforce it requires.

With numerous colleges located in the Punta Gorda area, and the local schools’ graduation rate recently reaching a nine-year high, Punta Gorda’s educated work force is just waiting for new opportunities.


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Judah Longgrear
CEO & Founder, The Nickel Ride

“Punta Gorda offers businesses a year-round clientele, which is made up of local, domestic and international customers.”